“Sales have doubled this year, we owe a lot of that growth to the new personality-infused label design by 42ink Design. It has sparked a lot of press, positive customer feedback, and local-based retailers are now carrying our brand in their shops.”
– Laura Chodola, Owner

Tealish Fine Teas is a Toronto-based tea boutique specializing in hand-blended loose leaf teas. The logo re-design was the first plan of attack as part of the extensive re-imaging initiative.

These labeled canisters live on a shelf, behind the Tealish Fine Teas’ counter — they are not handled by the customer. Similar to the way a chemist would dispense medicine, the loose leaf tea is weighed and then packaged in a “to-go” pouch.

These canisters are handled daily so scratch-and-smudge resistant vinyl labels were sourced to avoid those tired-dog-eared-days. It is through colour continuity, a true established hierarchy of information, typography, custom pattern design and a quiet nod to the apothecary flavour that gives Tealish Fine Teas its graphic voice and spirit.

With playful names like “Sunshine Reggae” and descriptions that open with “A sinfully aromatic blend…” it is sure to speak the same language as the young, informed, urban-chic consumer.

These five tins represent a snap shot of an entire collection of Tealish Fine Teas’ most popular blends. These tins are designed for placement on shelves across Canada, and just recently talk of carrying them in New York city!

These personality-infused tins are purposed for other retail store shelves so they differ in that they can hold their own and stand out against the backdrop of uncontrollable noise. Requisite information such as brewing instructions and ingredients adorn the package but we also find a cozy story about the blend itself and a “Why we love tea” story.

We cannot deny the strong movement toward better living and educated food choices, we all know tea packs high levels of antioxidants, essentially disease prevention in a cup! Tealish Fine Teas’ packaging is a badge for that healthy choice.

Who can argue the awesomeness of a holiday where you get to have fun spinning dreidels, winning chocolate coins, and eating jelly doughnuts?!

For the 2010 Holiday Season, Tealish Fine Teas dreamed up four specially blended teas to capture the spirit of the season, they called them: “Dreidles & Donuts”, “Rudolf’s Red Rooibos”, “Winter Blend”, and “Oh Christmas Tea”. This novelty holiday line flew off the shelves in several stores around Toronto, Ontario.