The Studio line of Umbra, known as U+, is an experimental line offering one-of-a-kind, unique collectibles, functionable for the home.

Central to the “experimental” theme, a left-field story-telling design and photographic approach was taken to create the 2006 U+ catalogue. The retailer finds delicate high-quality product juxtaposed against the grit of an urban backdrop. Other pieces such as tables designed out of snowboards are naturally placed on the slopes. 4K gold and sterling silver flowers sprout out of the ground and the wonderfully weird balancing vintage tea cups paint a colourful Alice in Wonderlandesque story. The catalogue reflects the U+ product – uniquely designed and thought-provoking all of which offer the retailer a different catalogue from the norm.

42ink DESIGN subsequently designed a marketing supplement to complement the main 2006 catalogue, for which we proposed the same raw, experimental theme but this time in an accordion-fold.

In 2007, 42ink DESIGN was called upon again to re-position the U+ product line, this time elevating the product to appeal to a market that had a higher disposable income. A gallery was the perfect setting to achieve this elevated status. Literally placing the product in high gloss, perched on a pedestal, the new product positioning was found to be more in line with the higher price point.

“Kirstin Thomas approaches each project with a thorough examination of the project’s requirements and its intended audience’s needs, as well as the stakeholders, and through that process she is able to come up with dazzling, on-target concepts that are then refined into exceptional executions”.  – Nancie S. Martin, Director of Marketing, Umbra