Umbra required extensive re-imaging of their brand for the purpose of building global awareness and excitement, promote loyalty and increase sales. Umbra wanted to visually demonstrate the fact that their product reaches every home around the world.

42ink DESIGN maintains that some of the best communications happens when you leave something out thereby inviting the viewer to connect the dots and interact with the brand. With this in our fabric, we digitally stitched everything from drapery rods to picture frames in order to shape each continent and position them on a sphere. The result: the “world icon” sucessfully depicts Umbra’s global reach in a memorable way across all platforms, from 72dpi to 3D interactive spaces.

“Kirstin Thomas is completely committed to the outcome of every project she undertakes, working tirelessly to ensure quality and brand consistency.” 
– Nancie S. Martin, Director of Marketing, Umbra